Find out  more about rich jewish culture in Krakow and see the traces of „Schindlers  List” by S. Spilberg

Jews started to come to Krakow in the medieval time.  There was one of the biggest Jewish community in Poland before second world war. Holocaust was a catastrophe for the polish citizens who were Jews. In Krakow most of the Jews were killed. At the present time klezmer music – typical Jewish music can be heard again in the Jewish district.

Kazimierz was established in 14th century. It is named after the polish king Kazimierz the Great. Kazimierz was a separate city where most of the Jews lived. They built many synagogues and it is still possible to visit it. Nowadays Kazimierz is a district of Krakow it is still possible to visit. 

During 2 world war Germans built separate place for the Jews – ghetto. Ghetto was located in Podgorze on the other side of the river. In Podgórze you can find Oscar Schindlers Factory. The history od Schindler was filmed by Steven Spilberg. The movie was shot in Cracow.


You will see the Jewish district and places mentioned below. Than we passed through a Love bridge to see the Ghetto area and the famous Schindler’s Factory.
You can visit Schindler’s Factory exhibition „Krakow under Nazi occupation”.

You will see:

  • Szeroka street
  • Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery (On Saturday and during religious ceremonies it is closed)
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Schindler’s List filming spots
  • Izaak Synagogue
  • Old Synagogue
  • Plac Nowy (New Market Square)
  • Graffiti’s
  • Corpus Christi Basilica
  • Plac Wolnica
  • Kładka Bernatka (Bridge of Love )
  • Ghetto Heroes’ Square
  • Remnants of the Jewish Ghetto

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Duration: 3 hours 

Price: 120 USD or equivalent in a different currency


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10 zl – admission to Remuh synagogue per person

10 zl– admission to Tempel synagogue per person