Zalipie – Folk Art Flower Village

Zalipie is a typical Polish village with a unique tradition of painting houses. If you want to discover real folk art and visit not touristy Poland, then Zalipie would be perfect for you! Tradition of painting houses is very interesting. I would like to share it with you and show you that extraordinary place in the southern Poland.

Reasons to book this tour:

  •  Feel the beauty of Polish countryside
  •  Discover a colorful school painted by woman in Zalipie
  •  Visit the museum in Zalipie full of colorful houses
  •  Hear the story of elderly woman who who devotes herself to the folk art
  •  Admire floral patterns on the houses, barns, chicken coops and wells in Zalipie
  •  Find out about Felicja Curyło and her talent to paint but also to convince others to her ideas:)


Duration: 8 hours

Price for the whole group: 230 EUR

Type of the tour: Car+Walk

* My services as your private guide
* Guest pick-up
* Local recommendations
* Driver *A/C car
*Admission fee

* N/a

Meeting Point: Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


Zalipie may be described as „artistry village”, where people paints their cottages in colorful floral motifs. Zalipie with its folk art is a unique place in old polish countryside. Almost everywhere you will see the local folk art – houses, barns, chicken coops, wells, fences…

During this tour you will have opportunity to meet people who lives here. I will bring to a house of an elderly woman, who tells you about her passion of decorating house by a floral motifs.

Where does this local ornamentation tradition come from? It has their origins in the nineteenth century when women and girls used to paint their cottages. Nowadays this tradition is still alive. There is a competition each year around Corpus Christi church holiday. The Selection Board chooses the most pretty painted house, each house would like to have the most pretty floral patterns. In this way people in the village are involved in painting. Not only adults but also kids, teenagers, the whole family. In this way this tradition is cultivated by the next generations.


 Plan of the tour


Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


Drive To Zalipie

Ask me any questions about Poland during 1.5 hours drive.



Wander around the beautiful village


Church in Zalipie

Discover floral motifs in the interior


Visiting an elderly woman

Hear the story of her passion to paint


The Museum

Fascinating story about Felicja Curyło and her former house


Optional lunch

In a restaurant on the way back


Driving Back to Krakow

Return to Krakow after the exciting day