Food tour in Cracow

Want to taste the most delicious food in Krakow from classic dishes to street food, sweet treats and local drinks? Satisfy your taste for local food passing through the highlights along the way. Do the food tour with a real foodie in Krakow.

Reasons to book this tour:

  • Discover polish cuisine with its amazing dishes
  • Taste delightful polish sups
  • Get a polish kompot – local non-alcoholic beverage
  • Find out more about the regional speciality – oscypek sheep cheese
  • Drink a craft beer from local production
  • Discover the best place in Krakow to eat polish dumplings – pierogi
  • Visit local market with its specialities

Duration: 4,5 hours

Price: 110 EUR or equivalent in a different currency +50 PLN per person for food (about 10 EUR)

Type of the tour: Tram+Walk, Private only

* My services as your private guide,
* Guest pick-up
* Local recommendations
* 10 different tastings

Meeting Point: Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


Visiting Poland cannot be completed without tasting some local specialties. I encourage everyone to go on that tour because there are some dishes which you are not able to try outside Poland. Please arrive hungry because we are going to try a couple of polish snacks, full meal, local beer and a sweet desert in different places. I will show my favourite place where to eat pierogi.

Krakow is a great place to learn about the regional food and taste some local specialties. When you think about polish cuisine, probably pierogi comes to your mind first. These meat or potato dumplings are served almost everywhere in Poland but Polish cuisine also has different flavors. There are more unusual dishes which you will taste. If you are a foodie this tour is perfect for you.

Be prepared for a full meal craft beer and including a dessert of course! We will visit the typical marketplace with fresh products. As a starter you will get obwarzanek (bagel), ) pickled cucumber and cabbage and polish kielbasa. Then we will visit a couple of places and you will eat soups like zurek( sour soup), beetroot or mushrooms soup. As a main dish you will have golabki(cabbage rolls), bigos( regional stew), potato pancakes, oscypek and many more.

 Plan of the tour


Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


Local marketplace

You will visit a typical marketplace with fresh fruits, vegetable and local snacks, where you will have an opportunity to taste some of them like pickled cucumber, kielbasa or local bagel.


Kazimierz district

There are many local eateries, food corners and restaurants so it is perfect place for us

Soups taste corner

Taste delightful polish sups. There are some iconic soups you must try.

Pierogi place

Get dumplings in the best place in Cracow

The Classics

There are some dishes that are well known for Polish. Let me invite you for some potato dumplings, local stew, cabbage rolls or potato pancakes with a local fruit beverage.

Craft beer

Drink a craft beer from local production

Lesser Poland favourites

In Lesser Poland there is opportunity to try some regional delights like smoked sheep cheese – oscypek produced in the mountain

Sweet threads

Taste delicious regional sweet speciality with a cup of coffee