Eagle Nests trail and Ojcow National Park

I want to take you outside the crowded city and show you charming castles surrounded in the beauty of Ojcow National Park. During the short hike you will be able to see not only two castles from different period, but also the famous rock formations of the Jurassic era and numerous caves. In the end, we will go walk through Ojcow, charming village located by the river surrounded by rocky hills. It is really worth it!

Reasons to book this tour:

  •  Explore the charming village Ojcow located in a picturesque valley
  •  Discover Pieskowa Skala renaissance castle – part of Eagles’ Nest defense castles route.
  •  Admire Hercules cub, the most famous rock formation in Poland
  •  Visit medieval castle in Ojcow situated in the high rock
  •  Amire spectacular castle viewpoint
  •  Taste a smoked trout, which is a regional speciality

Duration: 5 hours

Price for the whole group: 200 EUR + entrances fee on the way

Type of the tour: Car+Walk

* My services as your private guide
* Guest pick-up
* Local recommendations
* Driver *A/C car
* delicious grilled smoked sheep cheese with cranberry
* shot of lemon vodka


Meeting Point: Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


The Trail of the Eagle’s Nests is a chain of 25 medieval castles in the south Poland. The castles were constructed by the order of Polish King Casimir the Great along the past Polish border with Hungary and Chech Kingdom mainly in 14th century. What was the reason to build it? Mostly as a defence place and watchpoints on the borderd. The name comes from the castle’s locations – mostly large, tall rocks and valleys below. The Trail of the Eagles’ Nests is considered one of the best tourist trails in Poland.

Ojcow National Park is one of the most pretty national parks. It’s located in the valley of Pradnik river and surrounded by 25m high Jurassic limestone rocks & caves. The nature here is spectacular and It is located only 40 min drive from Krakow.

There are two castles on the way. Pieskowa Skala was built as a fortress in the medieval time but today renaissance style is the most visable. There are many legends about it. Let me tell some of them. Ojcow castle is located in a high rock and there are still archeologist who work there. Ojcow in polish means father. Why? The castle was built by son Kazimierz to his father to honor him. Ojcow village is a picturesque located in a valley. If you are foodie, there is local speciality to taste smoked trout. Local farm is based only on natural and traditional way of fish breeding. This traut is delicoius! if you’re feeling hungry, we can try the famous trout from Ojcow as part of a personalized offer.


 Plan of the tour


Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


Drive To Ojcow

Ask me any questions about Poland during 30 min drive.


Pieskowa Skala Castle

45min- walk to see one of “Eagles Nests” castles with heartbreaking view


Hercules Club

28m high lonely rock with castle at the back is a perfect place to take a great pictures


Drive to Chapel „on the Water”

Listen to the story why this chapel is located on the river


Ojcow National Park

2 hours walking along Ojcow NP


Ojcow castle

Medieval castle located on a high rock


Ojcow Village

XIXc Resort Park, with wooden houses and spa building


"Cracow's Gate"

Limestone formation called “Cracow’s Gate” is one of the most famous in this NP


Optional lunch

Smoked trout is a local speciality, you must try it!


Driving Back to Krakow

Return to Krakow after the exciting day