Rafting / Kayaking at Dunajec River – Private Tour

Kayaking or rafting at Dunajec is a great idea for outdoor activity in Poland. Dunajec river is located in the heart of the Pieniny mountains! Join me on this private experience and sail down the river on the kayak or wooden raft. For sure you will be amazed by the breathtaking views of nature. It is really worth it!

Reasons to book this tour:

  • Let the gondoliers sail down or kayak through the scenic Dunajec river
  • Discover charming Pieniny mountains
  • Admire breathtaking nature during the river gorge
  • Visit amazing spa resort Szczawnica with the fabulous mansion houses
  • Amire spectacular castle viewpoint from the modern dam on the river –
  • Taste a regional specialities during the lunch break in one of recommended place

Duration: 9 hours

Price for the whole group: 230 EUR

Type of the tour: Car+Walk+Kayak/Wooden raft

* My services as your private guide
* Guest pick-up
* Local recommendations
* Driver
* A/C car

Admission fees – 65 PLN per person

Meeting Point: Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


One of the biggest attractions in south Poland – Rafting at Dunajec. River Dunajec is located in the heart of the Pieniny mountains! Traditional wooden rafts are led by gondoliers. Gondoliers are worn in local clothes.

The river is located between polish and Slovakian border. Unforgettable scenery in this national park is a great choice for the people of all ages

Niedzica castle is situated on the former Hungarian and Polish border. The castle was built on the 14th. Modern dam with a lake and the river is a great view point.

Szczawnica has been a well-known resort town since the XIX century. Due to the presence of alkali sorrel springs and favorable climatic conditions, many respiratory and digestive tract illnesses are treated there. The spa has an almost two-hundred-year history.


 Plan of the tour


Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


Scenic Drive

2 hours drive to the Pieniny mountains. Ask me any questions about Poland, I am happy to share!

Castle Viewpoint

See a 14th century Hungarian castle and modern dam on the river

Kayaking/Rafting at Dunajec

In the 2.5 hours kayaking journey, you will see the natural beauty of South Poland

Optional Lunch

I can recommend a local hut for regional cuisine at your preference

Szczawnica Powers

Discover a well- known spa resort famous because of the fabulous mansion houses

Driving Back to Krakow

Return to Krakow after the exciting day