Czestochowa and Black Madonna’s Shrine

I want to take you to the most important religious place in Poland. During this tour you will find out more about Shrine and its significance. We will walk around through the monastery and there will be also time to take part in a service or pray in front of Black Madonna Icon.

Reasons to book this tour:

  • Fell like the pilgrim, visiting one of the most important Sanctuary in the world
  • Take part in the ceremony of opening/closing Black Madonna’s Icon
  • Discover the Treasury with its jewellery from 16th centaury
  • Admire baroque architecture of the Basilica
  • Admire the city from a spectacular viewpoint
  • See medieval defensive walls and St. Roch Bastion

Duration: 8 hours

Price for the whole group: 250 EUR

Type of the tour: Car+Walk

* My services as your private guide
* Guest pick-up
* Local recommendations
* Driver *A/C car


Meeting Point: Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


Jasna Gora Monastery is the most important pilgrimage place in the whole Poland. The sanctury with defensive walls was built in 14th century. Black Madonna’s ikon in Czestochowa is together with us for last 600 years. It is consider to be as one of the main symbols of Poland, Polish faith, history and values.

For those people who believes, the Icon of Black Madonne has been the cause of many miracles in the centuries. The Black Madonna is named Queen of Poland. This place has a special meaning in the polish history. Swedish attacked Poland in 1655 they conquered almost all country for 5 years, except the monastery in Czestochowa and it was the turning point.

Every year millions of pilgrims come here to see the famous “Black Madonna “, a shrine of the Virgin Mary. The Miraculous Icon is open for pilgrims from the early morning till the noon time and then once in the afternoon.

 Plan of the tour


Your Hotel, Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address


Drive To Czestochowa

Ask me any questions about Poland during 2 hours drive.


Black Madonna's Icon

Participation in the music ceremony of Opening/closing the Icon


Visiting the Monastery

The baroque Basilica, the Chapel of Our Lady with the Black Madonna, Jasna Gora Golgotha


The Treasury

Discovering jewellery and gifts from 16th (e. g. ring given by JFK or Walesa medal)


Medieval walls

Walk around the monastery to see defensive walls and St. Roch Bastion


Possibility to pray

Participating in the Holy Mass or private pray


Optional lunch

In a restaurants nearby


Driving Back to Krakow

Return to Krakow after the exciting day