Absurds and everyday life of the communist era in Nowa Huta

After Second World War Poland and other eastern European countries became a part of soviet’s zone. Poland was totally dependent on Soviets for 44 years but regained independence in 1989. First semi-democratic election took part in July 1989 and then in November Berlin wall fall.

It was a tough time for the people. Communists introduced new order. Polish communist tried to change the way of thinking and limit religion in everyday life. Priests were persecuted. However churches weren’t closed. They said that religion is “opium” for the masses. Communist party introduced nationalization which means that almost each product should have been produced and provided by the state. Everything should belong to the state and private property shouldn’t exist. 

Nowa Huta is a communist district built after second world war by communist. At the beginning Nowa Huta was a separate city but than communist decided to incorporate that place to Krakow. In Nowa Huta you find out more about the paradoxes of communism and homo sovieticus – ideal communist citizens. I encourage to take part in this tour


  • hotel pick up, private transport from your hotel to Nowa Huta (about 30 min drive)
  • Sightseeing in Nowa Huta
  • “Stylish” restaurant – the most elegant restaurant from the communist period. Short break to see how the restaurants from the communist period looked like.
  • transfer to your hotel

You will see:

  • we will see Central Square or Ronald Reagan Square – heart of Nowa Huta
  • Stylish” restaurant – the most elegant restaurant from the communist period
    Residential area, blocks, courtyards – to understand how the people live here and what is the main idea of such a construction
  • The People’s Theatre
  • Restaurant with original design from communist period
  • Soviet tank – a soviet relict in Nowa Huta
    Memorial places
    Lord’s Ark” church – the first church in communist district of Nowa Huta, built thanks to the help of John Paul II
    The Cross defended by people of Nowa Huta

Let me know if you would like to combine this tour with any other tour. I encourage You to contact me if you have any special request.


Meeting Point Options:  Your Hotel,Rail Station, Monument/Building or Address 

Duration: 4,5 hours 

Price: 140 USD or equivalent in a different currency


*My services as your private guide 

*Private car transport from Krakow’s hotel to Nowa Huta (about 30 min) and back.
*Local recommendations about food, restaurant etc.


*snacks and drinks