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Cracow City Tours

  • Jewish District and Ghetto Guided Tour in Krakow

    Learn more about jewish heritage in Krakow and see the traces of „Schindler List” by S. Spilberg One of the largest Jewish communities lived in Poland for 1, 000 years. Jews first arrived in Polish lands as traveling merchants in medieval times. The catastrophe of Holocaust destroyed its rich culture. Nowadays Jews can be found […]

  • Communist Tour to Nowa Huta

    Find out more about life and absurds of the communist era Poland became a communist country after Second World War. According to the communist regime everyone should be equal, but they weren’t. There were people equal and „more equal” as members of communist party. Communist tried to change the way of thinking. Communism lasted in […]

  • Krakow’s Old town Private Tour

    Krakow – previous capital of Poland, one of the most important cities in our country. Wawel hill is one of the most important places in Krakow. Wawel castle is the place, from where most of the polish Kings ruled our country. Nowadays most of them they were buried in the Cathedral. Krakow was lucky because […]

Cracow Day Tours

  • Zakopane and Tatra mountains private tour

    Private ski lesson in one of the biggest ski resort in Poland – Kotelnica Kotelnica Ski Resort is one of the largest ski station situated in the Podhale region. It is an excellent choice both for those who have only started learning to ski or snowboard, as well as for the advanced fans of these […]

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine Private Tour

    See one of the oldest salt mines in Europe The „Wieliczka” Salt Mine had been functioning for many centuries and ended its activities in 2007. It is currently listed as a world cultural and natural heritage site by UNESCO and is visited by over one million visitors a year. It will be our pleasure to […]

  • Auschwitz – Birkenau Private Tour

    Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and the Place Commemorating Victims of World War 2 Auschwitz Birkenau is one of the most famous concentration camps created during World War II by Nazi Germany. During the War about 1. 5 million people were killed in this place. There were two camps established in the outskirts of the city Oswiecim: (Auschwitz […]