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  • Jewish District and Ghetto Guided Tour in Krakow

    Visit the charming district of Kazimierz – the center of Jewish cultural heritage in Cracow and in Poland. Its history dates back to late medieval times. Here you can see the famous monuments and places like the Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery, the remnants of the Jewish Ghetto or the spots where Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” was […]

  • Communist Tour to Nowa Huta

    Explore the “ideal communist town” during a walk around Nowa Huta district. This local tour will help you understand the paradoxes and absurdity of socialism. You will see astonishing examples of the Socio-Realist architecture, along with soviet relicts and remnants, like the People’s Theatre. Nowa Huta is also a memory of its citizens’ rebellion and […]

  • Krakow’s Old town Private Tour

    The most famous and renowned historical sites are located here – in the Old Town of Cracow. Walk around the UNESCO World Heritage Site, discovering places of legends, like Barbican, Wawel Castle or the dazzling Cloth Hall. During this local tour you will also hear interesting historical insight, amusing anecdotes and intriguing tales. And of […]